"VISCERAL Benchmark Anatomy2" has closed!

This benchmark is on anatomical segmentation and landmark localization from several different imaging modalities, although participation only to a subtask (e.g. one organ in one modality) is also possible.

Participants also have a chance to present their results at the ISBI VICERAL challenge on May 1st at IEEE ISBI in Beijing, China.

For detailed information on Anatomy2, please visit our benchmark page.

VISCERAL BM1b factsheet


VISCERAL is an abbreviation for Visual Concept Extraction Challenge in Radiology.

VISCERAL will be organising two series of benchmarks on the processing of large-scale 3D radiology images. VISCERAL is making use of an innovative cloud-based evaluation approach.



EU flag This project is supported by the European Commission
under the Information and Communication Technologies
(ICT) Theme of the 7th Framework Programme for
Research and Technological Development.
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MSRLogoDigitalBlack The cloud infrastructure for the benchmarks
is supported by Microsoft Research on the
Microsoft Azure Cloud.